Oaxaca Shaka Mexican Lime Gose - 6pk

Oaxaca Shaka Mexican Lime Gose - 6pk

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 Like a margarita in a glass 🍹

Traditionally this beer is brewed with a noticeable amount of salt, coriander seed, and spontaneously fermented causing a soured tart note.  We added coriander to the fermentation, creating a bright, citrus-like flavor to this light beer.  Salt, lactic acid, and lime juice bring the savory and tart aspects of a traditional gose, also making you think you’re drinking a margarita de Oaxaca(wha-HAH-cah). 

  • Color – pale straw/tan color 

  • Clarity – hazy 

  • ABV – 4.5% 

  • IBU – 12 

  • Ingredients – Great Western 2-row, white wheat, acidulated malt.  Magnum and Crystal hops.  Fermented on a traditional German ale yeast.