Gravity Check Barleywine - Single Beer

Gravity Check Barleywine - Single Beer

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*Please note this is a single beer, not a multipack!*

This English style barleywine is a fruity, malty, gently boozy celebration of a beer.  Hosting toffee, caramel, and sweet bread in the aroma translating to the same flavor, with a grassy hop to help keep all that sweetness in check.  As brewers, we constantly track our fermentation progress by checking the gravity.  As a consumer, you can check gravity after a few of these. 

  • ABV – 10.1% 

  • IBU – 46 

  • Ingredients - Great Western 2-row, Munich malt, crystals 20, 75, and 120.  A shot of dextrose for alcohol boost.  Crystal and Fuggle hops, fermented on an English ale yeast.