California Reject Hefeweizen

California Reject Hefeweizen

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  • Color – pale straw/light gold 

  • Clarity – hazy 

  • ABV – 5.0% 

  • IBU – 12 

  • Ingredients – Great Western white wheat, GW 2-row, Munich malt, acidulated malt.  Magnum hops.  Fermented with a German hefeweizen yeast. 

  • Tasting notes – Bready, fruity esters of banana with a subtle hint of clove.  Light on the palate with a soft, somewhat bread/grain flavor.  Very little grassy/herbal hop presence, but it’s there to balance out the sweetness of the grains.  Makes warm weather and Californians just a little more tolerable. 


Beer can be picked up in the taproom by the 6-pack, case, growler, and keg, depending on the type of beer and how much you need. Send us a note with what you want and we'll be sure to get you taken care of!